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Wonderland 2000L UF Membrane Outdoor Master Filter

Filter The Water Before It Reaches Your Taps

Outdoor Filtration Systems are also known as “whole home” systems because they filter all the water that enters your home. This filter is generally installed on the main pipeline that supplies water to your home for daily usage.


Wonderland 2000L UF Membrane Outdoor Master Filter Wonderland with its 3 unique filtration and flushing features, the Wonderland UF Membrane is the ideal outdoor water filter that ensures every drop of water that enters your household is clean and free of pollutants.


Re-engineered PVDF 2.0 Ultra-filtration Membrane This first-of-its-kind filter in Malaysia is designed to eliminate dirt, rust, sediment and harmful bacteria from your water source. 0.01 microns is the ideal pore size to effectively eliminate water pollutants and reduce clogging.


Out-to-In Filtration System The Wonderland Out-to-In Filtration System leaves contaminants on the outer layer and filters water more effectively than standard filters.

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